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Simmon is a full-service Security and Private Investigation Agency based in Singapore. Our licensed professionals provide a wide range of services to clients across the nation. Review our site to learn more about our comprehensive services and offerings, or for additional information about successful past cases. With a licensed team that boasts vast experience, we can assure that whatever your particular requirement may be, it will be in the most capable hands.

Our Story

Established in 1999 by one of the top ex Police Officers in Singapore, Simmon Security and Simmon Investigation & Consultancy has prevailed to be the go to security agency for any type of security need. We have built our name and reputation with unparalleled level of dedication and service. We are constantly striving towards being the foremost Security agency in Singapore. We have achieved many years of continuous recognition from agencies'governing body. Our men, systems and work processes have been intrinsically groomed to ensure our organization operates akin to the clockwork mechanism. From consultation to proposal, we firmly believe that the security process planning includes both prior and post deployment needs. We also provide an-inclusive needs such as an immediate response time, compliance checks, management visits and provision of mobile reserve forces. At simmon, no assignment is too complicated for us to handle. Just take a look at the large range of cases we’ve worked on in the past. Each case begins with a free and confidential initial consultation meeting. Once you decide to work with our Private Investigation Agency, we build a team for your case according to its nature and specific requirements. You can trust our professionals to ethically and professionally gather whatever information is required to help you make informed decisions. We also provide guidance every step of the way. In every case we work on, we help our clients to the best of our ability, or guide them in the right direction so they can obtain the information they seek. If you have a case you’d like us to analyze and solve, get in touch with us today.

Our services

From forensic report investigations to corporate issues, we have an impressive collection of services designed to help solve all cases. Years of experience have taught us to tackle each investigation with professional manner, and we’re committed to protecting the privacy of each client while doing all we can in order to provide them with timely and accurate results.

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We like making sure our clients are completely satisfied with the services we provide, which is why providing this is so important for our Private Investigation Agency. As a service-oriented company, your satisfaction is our success, and that means doing everything we can to make you feel safe and protected, while simultaneously working hard to accurately and thoroughly solve each assignment we work on. Experience top-notch quality. Experience SIMMON.


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